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Are you a Believer or Follower of Jesus Christ?

The Sea of Galilee

I heard a question one time from Charles Stanley that opened my eyes.  He asked, "If someone was to ask you about your personal relationship with Jesus Christ; are you a believer or a follower;  which of these two words would come to mind first?  My answer was a believer.  I had really never focused on the word follower before.  Yes, it's true that in order be a follower you have to be a believer. Unfortunately, many people stop at that point of just believing.  You can live the Christian life and miss God's primary purpose plan for your life.  An idea of a Christian can be many things.  If you believe you can believe a lot of things, but when you say I'm a follower of  Jesus Christ that narrows it straight down a single path. You couldn't mean but only one thing that you are a follower of Jesus Christ.